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香港二三事: 香港點城大點

籌辦:香港城市大學 - 城大藝廊
開幕:1.11.2007 (四) 18:00
時間:星期一至日 10:00 – 19:00
地點:香港城市大學 - 城大藝廊(香港 九龍塘 達之路 香港城市大學 城大藝廊) 香港點城大點 是「香港二三事」展覽系列的第二部份,「香港二三事」是一系列以文化、藝術角度去探索香港事物的展覽。這次將會展出香港實驗、概念藝術家程展緯、白雙全的作品。

程展緯、白雙全的作品既獨特又地道,今次他們把創作藝術融入城大學生及香港群眾中。 白雙全的作品主要是探索城大四周的環境,由九龍塘到深水埔,把它們帶入城大藝廊。 展覽開始前,白雙全每天會到上述地方去觀察人、事、活動及各方面元素,以遊戲及互動形式將該地方的特殊環境融入他的作品概念內。 這一切將以不同形式在展覽中展示。 程展緯這次展覽創作概念動力將會是來自城大校內。 由現在到展覽開始前,城大學生和職員也有機會成為程展緯作品內的創作元素,校內的事與物隨時成為他藝術品的一部份。 程展緯會嘗試以「城市」配上不同的單詞,希望在過程中產生一個新的現象。

程展緯、白雙全作品各有特色。 儘管製作手法不同,但每次的作品也會親身到現場參與,他們把社會不顯著的一角記錄下來。 程展緯的「針孔房間計劃」,他在香港尋找不同的房間改變成為針孔相機,記錄香港城市的面貌。 在白雙全的概念工作「about 172cm」,白雙全用他個人的身高去量度及紀錄多個地點。 是次展覽將會展示程展緯、白雙全通過概念、照片錄像及較生活化的裝置。



程展緯作品:城市中的戀人 / 這兩個銅像位於城市大學學生宿舍。(左圖)
白雙全作品:翻新燈柱 / 澤安村。(左圖)

two or three things about Hong Kong II :
An art exhibition by Luke Ching and Tozer Pak

Curated by:Sabrina M.Y. Fung
Presented by:CityU Gallery, City University of Hong Kong
Opening:1.11.2007 (Thursday), 18:00
Date:1.11 to 2.22, 2007
Time:10: 00 – 19:00 Monday to Sunday
Place:CityU Gallery, City University of Hong Kong, 83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

hk.cityu.hk香港點城大點is part two of “two or three things about Hong Kong”, a continuing exhibition series that examines Hong Kong issues and events from an art and cultural perspective. Hk.cityu.hk香港點城大點 is an experimental, conceptual exhibition by two Hong Kong artists, Tozer Pak and Luke Ching.

Pak and Ching encourage active participation by City University students and the general HK public in the development of their works for the exhibition. Pak is mapping out his work to explore the area surrounding City University, from Kowloon Tong to Sham Shui Po. From now until the show begins, Pak will visit area by area each day to discover people, events, activities and elements of the location. These interactive activities will be documented and presented in the show. The conceptual energy for Ching’s exhibition will come from within the campus at City University. He has begun his art activities on site and seeks to integrate students and staff, as well as other elements at City University into his work. Based on the theme “City”, Ching is exploring the diverse associations between City and other forms and he aims to reflect new phenomena in the process.

Pak and Ching have each created site specific works in recent years that involve physical on-site participation. Their works present social, quasi-documentary views that capture angles not often revealed. In Ching’s "room as pin-hole camera" project, he rented different rooms to document the cityscapes of Hong Kong. When making his conceptual work “about 172cm”, Pak used his own height as ruler to measure and document various locations.

The installations by Pak and Ching in hk.cityu.hk香港點城大點will be an unique exhibition that addresses various levels of correlation between location, people, place, city, art, and life.

Sabrina M. Y. Fung

Attachted images:
Luke Ching’s work: City Lovers / These two bronze sculptures are located in front of the dormitory of City University. (Left side)
Pak Sheung Chuen’s work: Repainted a Lampstandard / Chak On Estate. (Right side)