Tuesday, January 15, 2008

二樓五仔記事簿/紐約 冬27 (Exhi)

Four Artists from Hong Kong

PAK Sheung-Chuen (b.1977)
Luke CHING (b.1972)
KWAN Sheung-Chi (b.1980)
KAM Lai Wan (b.1980)
9 February – 22 March, 2008
PREVIEW: Fri 8 Feb, 7 - 9 pm
Phoenix Arts Association Ltd
10–14 Waterloo Place
Brighton BN2 9NB

Sat 9 Feb, 2pm,
The artists discuss the exhibition, ideas and background informing their work.
Using performative strategies and interventionist tactics the city becomes a site of exploration for the four artists. They observe and highlight the minutiae of everyday life. Whilst their works are often nothing more than subtle interventions and shifts in perspective, they quietly question the habitual codes of behaviour in urban society.
Presented as videos, photographs and objects their practice is driven by a desire to understand their surroundings; how people connect and interact with each other, how they behave in public spaces. Applied to both familiar contexts in Hong Kong and unfamiliar ones during international residencies their works demonstrate a curiosity in encounters and the politics of everyday life.
In everyday occurrences they find little anomalies, moments of chance, the absurd in the ordinary, creating works that are charming and playful. The exhibition presents objects, videos and photographs.
'Everyday Anomalies' is the second of two exhibitions curated by Sally Lai for Phoenix Gallery. The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council England, South East and Brighton and Hove Council.
More detail: http://www.phoenixarts.org/exhibitions.htm#everyday