Friday, July 03, 2009


這是白雙全的另類旅行記錄。他走地圖裡看不到的路,他到中國找一個台灣,他要求自己在陌生地方不斷迷路,他甚至全程蒙著眼睛扮失明人去旅行……,一切一切,都在某次歐洲旅行途中所有行李被偷開始;沒有了相機,沒有了記錄工具,一切又回到最原始,反省旅行途中應該做的事。這是一本圖文城市的記錄,書中大部分作品都在意大利、紐約、韓國、東京、馬來西亞,和中國等地完成。當中有 「與旅人談旅行」部分,分享嘉賓包括歐陽應霽、馬傑偉、潘國靈、陳寧,和朱凱迪。
New Book! Odd One In II - Invisible Travel
Travelling could be about ‘being present’; at times, it could have nothing to do with ‘being present’ – it could be an imaginary act for a beautiful, unseen place. On an ordinary day it could also become a wonderful part of our memory, taking us to somewhere far away … an afternoon … a section of the road … or a strip of cloud. Odd One In II: Invisible Travel is a collection of Pak’s art documentation about ‘getting lost’ in an unfamiliar place and ‘seeing from his inner eye’ during his traveling in Italy, New York, Korea, Tokyo, Malaysia and China.