Thursday, August 24, 2006



A Realm with No Coordinates
The Gaze and the Division in the Contemporary Art Creation of Taiwan and Hong Kong



Taiwan and Hong Kong are two places where the contemporary art scenes do not much collide, the condition of artistic creation of each place seems unique, but they do actually share a lot of common traits too. But to curate a show between Hong Kong and Taiwan artists, is not just in hope of bringing the two together in face with the Mainland China ascendancy. The project aims to go beyond the trade-off flatness view of the world the harsh reality has us succumbed into, and by acknowledging the importance of this self-re-cognition, show forth its existential technique and distinctive aesthetics.

The Hong Kong group of artists strive their way through the gap-space within glocality of the city which is constantly reshaping itself. The selected Taiwan artists too, demonstrate certain incredible will to strife and prosper in even extreme harsh situation. Together, they both seek to afford themselves a more discursive approach in marking out one’s own existence, evocating a new discursive paradigm that could chart them into a new territory beyond present limiting parameters. Besides the ten artists, this project also includes four writers, bringing the works and texts in dialogue. Other than the three exhibitions, the two conferences across the strait will further examine the issues raised in the project, tackling the marginalization endangering subjectivities and globalization jeopardizing identity of difference.

網站/Website: (內設討論版 歡迎參與議題討論)

策展人/ Curator
陳瑞文 (Chen Zuei Wen) Tai Wan
潘大謙 (Pan Ta Chien) Tai Wan
劉建華 (Jaspar K.W. Lau) HK.

香港參展藝術家 / Participating Artists (HK) :
梁美萍 (Leung Mee Ping) 張韻雯 (Amy Cheung Wan Man) 梁志和 (Leung Chi Wo)
白雙全 (Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen) 梁展峰 (Jeff Leung Chin Fung)
張歷君 (Cheung Lik Kwan) 鄧小樺 (Deng Siu Wah)

台灣參展藝術家/ Participating Artists (Taiwan):
陳愷璜 (Chen Kai Huang) 龔義昭 (Gong Yih Jau) 方偉文 (Fang Wei Wen)
林煌迪 (Lin Huang Ti) 賴志盛 (Lai Chih Sheng)
陳維峰 (Chen Wei Fung) 游崴 (Yu Wei)

2006年8月26日 - 9月10日
香港1a 空間


開放時間星期二至日:下午二時至晚上八時 星期一及公眾假期休息 網址 Website:

地址 Address: 九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道63號牛棚藝術村14號
Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artists Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon


2006年11月 4日至26日

2006年12月 9日至17日
香港 中文大學