Tuesday, March 11, 2008

二樓五仔記事簿/紐約 春09 Exhi: Florence

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
Curated by Davide Quadrio, Zhang Wei, Li Zhenhua
More detail: http://www.strozzina.org/cinacinacina/index_e.htm
The exhibition will present the work of 15 contemporary Chinese artists from three different urban settings united in their search for an independent cultural identity free of the restrictive rules of the global market.

This is a crucial moment in China’s search for cultural identity as it strives to reconcile the weight of tradition, a troubled recent socio -political history and the rapid entry into the western-style global economy. The most visionary contemporary art in China attempts to shape the future in the light of the past... In a very short space of time China is experiencing a process that in Western culture evolved slowly over centuries. But just as the Florentine Renaissance of the fifteenth century led to the emergence of the city by its use of culture as a vital channel of communication modern China is investing extensively in the development of a cultural infrastructure and in its promotion abroad.The exhibition presents a lively interchange between the curators’ three sections, representing three distinct but complementary attitudes and perceptions.
Zhang Wei, the curator from Guangzhou, in “Throwing Dice”, brings together artists of different backgrounds, training and modes of expression. Zhang Wei presents individual visions of human existence in a fragmented and constantly changing world. The videos of Kan Xuan, Pak Sheung Chuen and Yang Fudong (acclaimed in the most recent Venice Biennale), digital animations by Cao Fei (also present at the Biennale), technological installations by Chu Yun, and paintings by Duan Jianyu offer individual stories that engage the spectator in the exploration of a shared existential landscape and in the constant tension between the world of dreams and of reality.