Thursday, July 08, 2010






A Messy Table
PAK Sheung Chuen

The messy table sums up my feelings of the Congo. It is my report on the 7-days-inspection in the Congo. The Congolese Government likes an anarchy system. As an outsider I could only stand in an isolated position to observe the surface of city life and the people's daily lives: extortion of money by the police, the super high prices but low living standard, the smell of burning refuse all round, the stagnant water everywhere, flies, infected mosquitoes flying scenes…… It is still fresh in my memory. Congo gave me a grief and heartache impression. But this is just a superficial observation.

Here's something I bought from Kinshasa where I only permitted to go to a few places. I also displayed some photographs and some stolen video shots. Combining with the things I bought from China, I made this installation. The messy table also included 3 short videos that I collaborated with local people: 1, I peed with a Congolese friend. Two discharge of urine formed a pond which evaporated slowly into air by the hot sun. 2, I helped a Congolese friend to absorb his sweating by a tissue. The tissue has been preserved until now. 3, I poured the clear water around a small district in Kinshasa. The water drew a circle on the ground. Before the water mark evaporated, I chased its tail until I could connect the tail with the head.