Tuesday, August 03, 2010



關於昆士蘭省圖書館的創作計劃,作品將於Light form Light中展出。展覽網站:www.maap.org.au/light-from-light


《製造太陽千個》(Making Thousands SUNs)是一個製造太陽的計劃,由一個太陽製造成千百個太陽。我們通過圖書館的系統,把印有太陽的圖書從不同的圖書分館運到中央圖書館,每一分館只需要尋找一本封面有太陽相片的書,圖書館管理員手持圖書拍一張照片,然後把圖書和相片寄去中央圖書館即可。我的想像是:不同大小的太陽從四面八方走近中央,最後組成一個巨大的太陽。



(Left: Brisbane’s Sun, 2010.6.20; Right: Mulheim an der Ruhr’s Suns, 2010.7.10)

English version:
Making Thousands of SUNs
A project for the exhibition “Light From Light” in State Library of Queensland
Pak Sheung Chuen

For the object had never been touched, we can only use our imagination to prove its existence. The sun is something that we haven’t touched but believed in its existence, our perception for the sun is round, bright light, and heat. These three characters constitute our imagination of the sun, also the concept of the sun. Making Thousands of SUNs is a project to manufacture sun, to produce thousands of suns from one sun. By using the state library’s lending system, gathering books with sun on the cover from different regional branch libraries to the Queensland State Library. Each branch library will only needs to find one copy of the book with sun (photo image) on its cover, the librarian will hold the book and take a photo, then send the book with photo to the state library. My imagination is: the different sized suns from all directions coming close to the centre, eventually they will form one grand sun. After the thousands of books with sun arrived at the state library, I will lay these books on a plane, cover them with a large sheet of white wallpaper, following each sun’s position on the book cover, I will cut out a hole same size as the sun, then divide the wallpaper into portions, attach them to the glass windows of the library. When the sun is showering through the paper holes on the window, it will project different sized round shaped light onto the floor with heat. Therefore, each of the dots becomes the sun of it’s own.
Now, while we have the thousands suns in our heart, we also produced thousands physically realistic suns.
(Translated by Paul Bai)