Tuesday, August 03, 2010

作品:製造太陽千個(Library Newsletter)

Pak Sheung Chuen wants every library in Queensland to be involved!

(Images: Susan Furness, Collection Maintenance Coordinator from the State Library of Queensland’s Collection Access found this book for Pak Sheung Chuen while he was in Brisbane for his Light from Light residency. The sun on the cover of Michael Haag’s ‘Alexandria’ will inspire part of Pak’s artwork.)

Newsletter from State Library of Queensland, on July 2010:
See the State Library of Queensland in a new light when international artists arrive in Brisbane. They have created artworks specifically for the library site for Light from Light, an exhibition that will be simultaneously mirrored at the Shanghai Library in China from October.

And it’s not only the State Library of Queensland that gets to participate in this unique exhibition about the properties and metaphors of light. A respected artist from Hong Kong, Pak Sheung Chuen, wants every library in Queensland to be involved.

The artist is creating a new artwork comprised of images of the sun collected from hundreds of book covers found in Queensland library collections. According to Pak, who visited the State Library of Queensland while on residency in Brisbane, the sun images will inspire a window sculpture that creates “thousands of suns from one sun”.

The artist hopes that library staff across Queensland will help him create the work simply by loaning one book from their collection.

For this exciting project, books that feature an image of the sun on the front cover will be on display at the State Library of Queensland to accompany the artwork. As part of the project, Pak will be also be creating an ‘online catalogue’ that shows the staff member who helped him create the work.

For more information about Light from Light and how your library can be involved in this special library project, please contact Kim Machan, Director of MAAP – Multimedia Art Asia Pacific and exhibition curator: kim@maap.org.au or 07) 3161 7960.

About the exhibition Light for Light: www.maap.org.au/light-from-light
About State Library of Queensland: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/