Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 CCAA-最佳藝術家獎:白雙全/評委評語

Contemporary Chinese Art Awards (CCAA) 2012 - Best Artist: Pak Sheung Chuen

白雙全的作品是對藝術與生活邊界的挑戰,其藝術創作強調與自己日常生活的密切關係,所表現的均為日常生活中的凡人瑣事與狀態。他的藝術近乎無形並無法記錄,但卻以出眾的準確性探索了人類境遇的複雜層面...... 通過作品中豐富的多義和歧義,白雙全的作品既不為市場服務,也不能被媒體利用,他的觀眾永遠是那些對發現充滿熱忱的人們。(2012-11-7, CCAA 2012)

Jury Statement:
Pak Sheung Chuen manages to produce works that, against all odds, are recognizable as art. Emphasizing its intimate relationship with daily life by engaging with everyday situations and common people, his art is almost invisible, almost impossible to document, but manages to explore the human condition in all its complexities and with loving precision…… Rich in the articulation of ambiguities, Pak's work is not for the market, not for the media, but for everyone who cares about discovery. (2012-11-7, CCAA 2012)

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